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A little bit about myself…

My name is Allison and I am originally from South Louisiana (Lafayette, La) and moved to the DFW area in 2008. I graduated from University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2008 for Fashion Merchandising. Upon graduating I followed a boy to Texas (turns out it worked out and we have been married for almost 9 years). My first job out of college was at Dillards as a department manager. From there I went on to the car business and loved it so much I never left! I have worked for Sewell Infiniti in both Dallas and now in Fort Worth, TX. 

How many kids do I have and what are their ages…

I have two boys, Zane (7) and Beckett (3)

What’s my favorite thing about being a mom…

I want to provide my boys a sound, structured environment with limitless possibilities. I did not grow up in the best childhood environment and want to do everything that I can to make sure they get to be a good as long as they can be. I love teaching them life lessons and seeing how that shapes them. Having two boys can be crazy at times, but there is definitely a reason why I was destined to be a mom to boys. I also, love sharing mom experiences with friends… they say it takes a village and by all means I am here for learning and helping others with this parenting gig! 

How did I end up in Keller…

We have lived in several cities in the DFW area, but ultimately I can say that Keller has been my favorite. We used to joke that I couldn’t live somewhere longer than 2 year because after 2 years I’d get tired of our house and want to move! Since I work in Fort Worth, I knew I wanted to live close to work but still wanted to be in a good school district. We ultimately choose Keller because the schools are great, the community is great and you have everything you need within a few minutes drive! 

What is my favorite thing to do when I need some “me time”…

I am that mom, I love just walking by myself quietly in Target (haha). But seriously, my house is loud so any time I can just get an hour or two to myself is great. I enjoy getting manicure/pedicures or going to a dance class at the gym. 

A little about my career…

I get asked about my career from so many, many people are shocked that I am a female manager in the car business. It’s pretty uncommon to most but not where I’m from, we actually have several female managers! I work at Sewell Infiniti in Fort Worth, TX and am the New Car Director. I started out selling cars for 4.5 years and moved into a manager role after that and will make my 10th year in July. I am very blessed to work for such an amazing company that values the customer experience and making lifelong relationships.

How do you juggle your career with being a mom and wife?

I’ll say at first it wasn’t always so easy, but we’ve gotten the swing of things now! My husband is also in the car business (I know what your thinking, but it can be done) so we have to be really good at balancing our careers and our time together. The way we make it work is by trading off, I’ll bring the kids to school on certain days and he pick them up certain days. We are always off together on Sundays so we have to make sure we make those days really count. 

What is one thing I am looking forward to in 2020?

I’m not sure why but my kids really want to go to Mexico for vacation this year. They have gone so far as to play pretend “Mexico Vacation”. So, in June we are taking them on their dream “Mexico Vacation”. We typically don’t take them on vacations so we can have a parents getaway, but they are about the age where I think it’s time we include them. We are excited to have some R&R and soak up the sun! 

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